Why I hated Verizon in 2008 through 2010 for the 2 year contract. Update July 2014

Day 1, March 2008, I signed up with AT&T. Day 2, "oh no! You must sign with Verizon!" from a laid off person from Verizon in my business class Day 2, "I want a business account" (me) "You need 5 items" (them) "Are you sure? I have only 4 with me and the 5th is at home" "Yes, you need these 5 items." I drive home and get 5th needed item. "Here are the 5 items." "You need 7 items." ?? "What? You told me 5, now your telling me 7 items. I have the 5 items, even your new 6th item right now. But I do not have item 7 since it is with the state government currently." "Sorry, you can not create a business account." I am paying $45.61 per month , $39.99 without surcharges, fees, taxes, etc. for 450 minutes. This was Verizon's cheapest personal plan ($45.61/$39.99). 18 months into the 2 year contract, Verizon calls me out of the blue "We noticed you use about 200 minutes per month. We can lower your plan to $40.43/$34.99 with 300 minutes per month" "I did not see this plan on Verizon's web site" "The plan is not on the web." "OK, It took 18 months to figure out my usage? My contract ends March 7th 2010."
The Change at 18 months
From $45.61 450 minutes
To $40.43 300 minutes
% reduction -11.4%
- 33.3%
Notice a disparity? Well I was saving $ for my usage. I get a bill for $10.92 for the last payment, I call Verizon and they confirm this is the last payment for the 2 year contract ending March 2010. The next month I get billed for a whole new month ($40.43) beyond my expired 2 year contract. I call Verizon again. They say that is a mistake however you owe $4.47 ! They say this is for two days since I took 2 days to port over my telephone to my new cell phone company! I am currently with Straight Talk (Trac phone) paying $32.82/$30.00 per month for 1000 minutes, web, & text! +++++++++++++++ March 15, 2012, I get a form letter from Verizon, switch to fiber from copper for no cost. OK I'll do it.

Now have 4 blazing LED's running all the time. 3 green, 1 red. Sadly the red one is for the battery I disconnected. I can press one button everyday to silence the alarm for 24 hours according to the OPSU/BBU ONT specs. I use the word sad since red LED's are typically more efficient than green. The idiot who wrote the spec document, sorry I said idiot, who was in China? Plastic Units are built in China They do not know Power = Voltage * Current. So all you find in the document is at least 3 voltages in spec with NO DC current or AC current mentioned anywhere. I called the field office to just give me "your're right" to no avail. Plan to put the assembly an a switch/power strip to kill all power over night. Then when I go online (I have no TV or internet) with dialup and then hit the silence button. ++++++++++++++++ June 16, 2013, I got great service with the new layout of the store, plus the new manager and employee. 2014 In BJ's store, they were not able to tell me when I got my verizon phone, since I did not have my sister's login info who I had the plan under. July 22, 2014 Verizon told me I could host my website, (in July) then found after service installed V discontinued website support in March :( Sept. 23, 2014 phone Lumia Windows could not be charged. So on a clock, noticed pins damaged. My fault jamming in micro connectors wrong orientation. Phones (cell) die in my opinion 1) dropped, 2) in liquid 3) connector problem. Solutions: Gecko rubberized protection, looking at the connector each time made, plus minimizing connection amounts, i.e. disconnect the phone from charger each day. =1. I spent ~4 hours in Verizon store after about a 25 minutes waiting list! You could tell people were not happy. I was awarded greatly for my patience and coolness. They want to charge multiple hundreds, $500 and up for a phone if the phone breaks before the 2 yr contract, (must have figured out most do from what I saw.). Buying a tablet, getting charged $10 per month for 2 years, plus $80 phone, with $30 rebate. This was cheaper than getting a replacement phone! I figure the phones cost ~$50 -$200, since they like to call them computers now, so if you slap in more RAM, more $. So really ripping customers. Better buying all protection and accessories on your own, unless you like loosing $ for convenience.