SteamRoLLer's Politics (~1999-2017)

Want to get REALLY sick about taxes?, then TRY reading a book titled "Who Really Pays the Taxes"

Government taxes gas, tobacco, alcohol like mad around the world, yet if this is bad material, are they complicate in allowing while collecting billions a year from it? NY Mayor Blloomberg + Philly tax sodas.

Six states - Conn., Mass., NY, Ohio, Penn., Texas, D.C., and Tacoma, WA all tax Internet providers!

"The budget should be balanced; the treasury should be refilled; public debt should be reduced; and the arrogance of public officials should be controlled." -Cicero. 106-43 B.C.

Parade Magazine October 1997 - From year to year, many states change their rates on cigarettes, gasoline, and sales tax. Mississippi and Rhode Island have the highest state sales taxes at 7% (though many states, NY, CA allow local taxes to be added to the state rate, resulting in totals higher than 7%). Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon have no state sales tax.

Some High/Low Taxes: 1999 to 2016
Year What State per Gallon
1999 Gallon of Gas CT 37 cents
2013 Gallon of Gas CT 45 cents
1999 Gallon of Gas GA 7.5 cents
2013 Gallon of Gas GA 28.5 cents
2013 Gallon of Gas NY 50.6 cents
2013 Gallon of Gas AK 8 cents
2013 Gallon of Gas NJ 14.5 cents
2013 Gallon of Gas PA 32.3 cents

NY #1 highest gas tax (50.6 cents) of all states in 2013. AK the cheapest (8 cents).

Year What State per pack
1999 Cigarette Pack WA 82.5 cents
2013 Cigarette Pack WA 303 cents
1999 Cigarette Pack VA 2.5 cents
2013 Cigarette Pack VA 30 cents
2013 Cigarette Pack NJ 270 cents
2013 Cigarette Pack SC 57 cents
2013 Cigarette Pack PA 160 cents

NY #1 highest cigarette tax (435 cents per pack) of all states in 2013. MO the cheapest (17 cents per pack).

NJ raising the gas tax from 14.5 cents per gallon to 37.5 cents Jan 2017.

PA At 50 cents per gallon, the state’s gas tax was already the highest in the country and now it will be 58 cents Jan 2017,

The Federal government adds $1.01 to these cigarette 20 pack taxes.

2013 data from Tax Foundation

Privacy and Security Is this Treachery?

The government would have you discuss Privacy orSecurity. Every (almost) government spys or every other government, friend or foe. The US government (USG) eliminates 99.9% of all privacy and security for US citizens and probably 98% of anyone in the world on the internet. Note when I use a '~all' or '~any' this could mean 99.9%.

The USG had been constrained by federal laws protecting US citizens by the 4th amendment. To get around this the USG has contracts with US companies, Verizon, AT&T, Google, Yahoo and more than a 100 more companies. A US company is not constrained with the US constitution. So the government just forces the companies to turn over their data. They also pay the British for the data they collect, etc.

The NSA (National Security Agency) knows every email you send, all your contacts on your phone and email client, all your web visits, who/when/where you make any telephone/cell phone call. They had taps on ~all internet traffic. US government put back doors in ~all encrytion tools used in US. The USG can listen to your cell phone even when not in use. And you wonder why Eric Snowden wanted not cell phones, Blackberries, electronic devices in any room, they were left out of the room, or checked at the hotel desk. The USG can know where your cell phone is at all times. Can listen to ~any cell. He told people he worked with to put cells, or mobile phones in the freezer, to minimize chance or tapping. The NSA knows all your online secret stuff, bank accounts, medical history, internet passwords, anything on your cell or computer. So we have ~no privacy or security in the US. We in the US are half a step ahead of British subjects where they have ~no protection. Don't believe? You're a fool. Get a wee more illuminated by reading "The Snowden Files" by Luke Harding. Snowden was brilliant, however my guess is USG knows ~all the files he pilfered from secret USG info. Sadly the russians (I guess) have all this data too now.

The USG collects ~200 copies worth of the entire British library every 24 hours. To house all this collected data on people, they probably force companies to store most of the data now? However the USG is building a huge building complex in Utah to help process and hold all this data. Obama promised transparety then continues the Bush plan secret to spy on everyone in US and has not constrained this data collection. Check out the DVD of a Frontline PBS documentary on 'the Program' what they are doing as a minimum titled "United States of Secrets". USG forced Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Utube, Verizon, etc to turn over all data collected.

Why did the USG poison gas on a town in the West in 1950's?

Why did the USG force Japan to attack us and track the Japan attack force prior to Pearl harbor attack in WW2? "Day of Deceit: the truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor" - Robert B. Stinnett

As every true survey has established about top topics of the Web, Sex is ranked #1, and Weather #2.

It's estimated that we all pay 50%! of our income to taxes. Federal, state, local, utilities, social security, gas, sales, school, car, real estate, etc.

How did all these top empires fall? Greek, Roman, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, British... The U.S. is considered to be the top now...

National Rifle Association

William Jefferson Clinton committed pergury (lied) and obstruction of justice. If any citizen had done the same thing they'd be serving time in prison for lying under oath. He only escaped because of constitutional law, which does not apply to you or I. It was a very partisan topic, but what also helped Clinton escape impeachment is the idea that impeachment could "put the republic at risk". Therefore the senators could vote if it affected the republic regardless of his criminal crimes. Reference this:

Sen. Patrick Moynihan (D-New York) reviewed the history of the Constitution's impeachment clause, arguing only "great and dangerous offenses" against the nation would warrant removal.

"Senators," he stated in his published remarks, "do not take the imprudent risk that removing William Jefferson Clinton for low crimes will not in the end jeopardize the Constitution itself."

Do Sex, Politics, or Religious topics raise your blood pressure? You're probably not too mature yet. OK maybe not the first one ;)

Feel you have no identity? If you are in the U.S. you have your own social security number!

Isn't it great we finally seem to have a BUDGET surplus (1999) this year, and yet our Senate votes 65 against using 100% of the surpluses for debt reduction and 35 for using 100% against the debt.

At this time (June 2016) the U.S.A. is over $19.2 Trillion in debt. That means each individual in the U.S.A. would have to pay over $59,000 to pay off the debt. US Debt Cllock

Don't forget the dollar is only backed by full confidence. Most politicians only talk about balancing the BUDGET (holding the debt at a fixed level) versus reducing the DEBT.

OK, in Feb. 2007 each individual (babies too) would have to pay over $29,000 to pay off the debt. In Jan 2017 $61534!

All governments exude fear and intimidation to keep their citizens in line. NJ Politics Did you know that it is now illegal to use your windshield wipers without having your headlights on in NJ?

(NJ) Remember when Florio raised taxes 30%? Then Whitman claims to have lowered it back where it began...
but 100 - 10% = 90, 10% of 90 = 9, 10 % of 81 = 8.1 therefore it was cut back only 27.1%!

After the NJ politcians stole the money for over 20 years out of the transportation fund for there own pet projects they had no funds for repair. So on Nov 1, 2016 the NJ politicals approved a 23 cent per gallon of gas tax. NJ went from being in the cheapest 5 states to #7/50 overnight!

Proof politicians are all general crooked through time. The problem is I have seen our town vote to not fund a project, the the town turns around and funds it!