SteamRoLLer's Satellite Page

How to See Low Earth Orbiting Satellites by Naked Eye

For the Eastern Time Zone in America...

EDT = Eastern Daylight Time, EST = Eastern Standard Time
EDT = GMT - 4 hours (Summer)
EST = GMT - 5 hours (Winter)

1) Find out:

a) What your time zone is?
b) Where you'll be observing the satellites, i.e. your latitude and longitude? (see Step 2) below.

Try getting it to XXX.XXXX precision, and don't forget the negative sign (west of GMT) with longitude if in North America.

2) This is a place to find your Lat. & Long., etc.

This is a excellent site to see what's up for the night. See it tonight!

Magnitude is a system measuring brightness of an object in the heavens. You can see negative magnitudes (like the sun) and dimmer objects to magnitude 6 (in the darkest skies).

That should get you started! Clear Skies!