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Meteors are generally better seen after midnight and before dawn due to the Earth's rotation.

Also check the lunar phase, ideally the moon should not be up.
Some Major Showers
Shower Active ZHR Code
Quadrantids Jan 01-Jan 05 120 QUA
Lyrids Apr 16-Apr 25 15 LYR
Eta Aquarids Apr 19-May 28 60 ETA
S. Delta Aquarids Jul 12-Aug 19 20 SDA
Perseids Jul 17-Aug 24 90 PER
Orionids Oct 02-Nov 07 20 ORI
Leonids Nov 14-Nov 21 40+ LEO
Geminids Dec 07-Dec 17 120 GEM

The above table of meteor showers is adapted from the Working List of Visual Meteor Showers, courtesy of the International Meteor Organization (IMO). ZHR is a theoretical number of meteors seen at the zenith (overhead). ZHR = Zenith Hourly rate and indicates the general (optimum) number of meteors that may be seen per hour. "Code" is the abbreviation for the shower that observers should use when reporting meteor observations.

The predicted ZHR for showers is worst than weather predictions. Your best bet is to visit the IMO site above for the latest data. The table above does NOT have all showers listed. The ZHR numbers in the ~old table are a bit oppomistic. The bold showers in the table are usually nice meteor showers.